2018 Marksmanship Competition

Coordinating instructions for cadets (updated Thursday, February 22, 2018)

Cadets are to meet the bus at 0700hrs at the Brampton Armouries at 2 Chapel Street in Brampton. The competition will be held at the Orangeville Agricultural Centre. Please dress comfortably in civilian clothing, bring some snacks if you wish and lunch will consist of MRE’s (if you don’t want an MRE, feel free to bring a lunch). There is nowhere to purchase food but there may be a canteen available.

We will return to the Armouries at approximately 1800hrs (we will have cadets phone or text when we are on our way home).

Permission slips – cadets are asked to print, get signed by a parent/guardian, and bring with them to meet the bus on Saturday.

Marksmanship permission form – zone shoot – Feb 2018