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Role of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC):

The SSC works in partnership with squadron staff to ensure the viability of the unit. Their support is intended to compliment the resources available from the Canadian Armed Forces. The responsibility for the sponsoring committee falls to the Ontario Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada as their Supervisory Sponsor. The Squadron is supported through various forms of voluntary personal involvement, financial contributions, the provision of extra activities for the cadets, and other material assistance.

The Sponsoring Committee is often described as the “backbone of the Air Cadet Movement”, because one of the real secrets to the success of an Air Cadet Squadron is a well organized and effective Sponsoring Committee.

The Sponsoring Committee of the Squadron shall be responsible for (but not limited to):

  • Inviting suitable persons to be members of the Sponsoring Committee
  • Liaising with other cadet unit Sponsoring Committees
  • Providing appropriate accommodation for the squadron’s training, administration and stores when it is not provided by the CAF
  • Providing training aids and equipment, including band instruments, not supplied by the CAF
  • Providing transportation, when not available from the CAF, for local training exercises
  • Providing for the financial and administrative needs of the squadron
  • Supporting Provincial Committee activities
  • Providing such other facilities or assistance as may be mutually agreed upon between the Sponsor, the Sponsoring Committee, and the CAF

To become involved with our Sponsoring Committee, please speak to Livingstone Brathwaite, Sponsoring Committee Chairperson, or any other member of our Sponsoring Committee.

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