Squadron Officers

758 Argus Squadron prides itself on the recruitment and retention of those with exceptional commitment and dedication to the cadet program. We are extremely fortunate that many are former cadets and have experienced the program first-hand. Should you have an interest in joining our team, please Contact Us to inquire as to whether there are any openings.

Commanding Officer:
Major C. Clark, OCT

Deputy Commanding Officer:
Captain H. Post, CD

Administration / Summer Camp Officer:
Captain J. Reid, CD

Assistant Administration Officer:
Civilian Volunteer J. Munroe

Supply Officer:
Civilian Volunteer R. Nagi

Assistant Supply Officer:
Civilian Volunteer A. Rodrigues

Training Officer:
Captain M. Thurston (ret’d)

Assistant Training Officer:
Lieutenant S. Sharma

Training Staff:
Lieutenant K. Haye

Lieutenant D. Doucet

Civilian Volunteer K. Nijhawan

Civilian Volunteer S. Miranda

Civilian Volunteer R. Nazarithian

Civilian Volunteer M. Wiley

Teams / Extracurricular activities:

Band Officer:
Lieutenant K. Haye

Civilian Volunteer M. Wiley

Drill Team:

Range Team:
Civilian Volunteer R. Nazarithian

Ground School:
Captain H. Post, CD

Effective Speaking:
Civilian Volunteer R. Nazarithian

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