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IMPORTANT: Information for all new and returning cadets!!!

Annual Administrative Fee: $50.00 (see details below)
OPC Lottery Tickets: $50.00 (see details below)

Air Cadet Assessment Fee:
The Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) - the regulatory body for Air Cadet Squadrons in Ontario levies an annual fee for every registered cadet. The fee per cadet annually is $50.00. This fee is collected annually for new cadets during registration and for returning cadets, on the first night back after summer stand down. Those parents with more than one cadet registered with the squadron are requested to speak with any member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) so that the payment can be made without causing any undue financial strain.

OPC Lottery Ticket Process:
The lottery tickets that each cadet is expected to sell annually help finance the squadron as well as the flying scholarship program within the Air Cadet Program. These tickets will be distributed in August/September of each training year and parents will be asked to get involved to help their cadet by paying the $50.00 up front. Funds can be recovered by the parent once the cadet has sold his/her book of tickets. Any concerns should be addressed to any member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).

To summarize: for cadets registering in August of each year, there is $100.00 payable during registration by cash or cheque. Cheques are payable to 758 Argus Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

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