Flying Scholarship Exam info

Date of exam: Saturday 13 January 2018

Time: 1230 hrs (cadets will write from 1300hrs – 1500hrs)
Location: Croil Hall Building A142, 264 Lundy Lane Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario
Travel: Cadets are encouraged to carpool with one another but are ultimately responsible for their own travel arrangements and meals.
Dress: Cadets C-2; Officers DEU 3B or 3C).
Calculators: No electronic calculators/flight computers are allowed.
Flight Computers: The flight computer does not have to be an E6-B; it can be a Jepsen-Saunders or other mechanical type, just not electronic.

Only the following items are allowed for cadets writing the exam:

  1. Pencil (provided);
  2. Scrap paper (provided); and
  3. Flight computers (cadets may bring their own – see note above)