GPS and PPS Exam – January 11, 2020

To all cadets writing the glider and power exams, please read the below carefully:

Date: January 11, 2020
Weather Date (if exam gets postponed due to weather): January 12, 2020 (same details)
Time: 1300hrs 1530hrs (cadets are to arrive 15-20 minutes prior)
Location: Croil Hall Building A142, 264 Lundy Lane, Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario
Dress: C3 Service Dress
Transportation: Cadets are to arrange their own transportation to and from the exam. We recommend carpooling, where possible.

Items that are permitted in the examination room:
1. Pencil
2. Scrap paper
3. Flight computers (cadets may bring their own – no electronic calculators or flight computers allowed)

Additional Notes:
1. Identification: cadets must present photographic identification as part of the intake process (Provincial Health Card satisfies this requirement);
2. Flight Computers: The flight computer does not have to be an E6-B; it can be a Jepsen-Saunders or other mechanical type, just not electronic.

Good luck to all those writing!