New cadet registration / returning cadet info

Updated August 30, 2017

New cadets:

Registration for the 2017-2018 training year is now CLOSED (unless prior arrangements were made to register at a later date). Unfortunately, due to space constraints in our training facilities, registration for this training year is now closed. We apologize for any disappointment caused and encourage you to contact one of the other air cadet squadrons in Brampton (listed below). If you are currently a cadet at another unit and would like to transfer in to 758, we will accept transfers at any point in the training year. Just contact us to advise.

Existing cadets are automatically registered for the next training year but should review the Fees page on this website as there are annual fees to be paid on the first night back and the fees have changed!

Returning Cadets:

It’s almost that time of year again! Time to dust of those parade boots and return to another fun-filled training year. We hope everyone had a great summer and those who attended summer training are ready to return to share the information they learned.

Important notes:

Assessment fee and lottery tickets – get a jump start on both by dropping by the Lions Hall on one of the new cadet registration sessions (Aug 21 or 28) to pay your annual assessment fee and pick up your lottery tickets. More info on fees here.

First night back – Monday, September 11. CO’s parade and admin night. If you weren’t able to swing by during the new cadet registration nights to pay your fees, they are due on the 11th.

Training calendar – has been updated online and is always a work in progress. Check back regularly for updates and listen to announcements on the parade square. Start thinking about what teams or clubs you want to be a part of!

Uniform issues – if you need any uniform parts exchanged, be sure to have it with you ready to exchange. No appointment necessary…ever. Seriously, if you have an issue, just come on by on Monday nights from 1830-2115 and we’ll help you out. Bring back the part you want to exchange (cleaned please!) and we’ll either exchange on the spot if we have what you need or order you a new one.