Outstanding Assessment Fees & Lottery Tickets

Attention Parents / Cadets:

Assessment Fee:
We still have a number of cadets who have not paid the annual $50.00 assessment fee levied by the Ontario Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada. This was due back in September. Should there be an issue with payment, please speak with a member of our Sponsoring Committee who will exercise discretion and can work something out with you.

Lottery Tickets:
All cadets are required to sell at least one book of lottery tickets. We do ask that that you pre-pay for the lottery tickets. As you sell them, you recover that money. Each book is $50.00. Many cadets have still not picked up their book of lottery tickets. Those who have picked them up, should be returning their sold stubs ASAP as they are now overdue!! This is a team effort and all are asked to participate as the money from these tickets not only directly benefits the squadron, but the cadet program overall.

Should there be any issues, questions, or concerns regarding these items, please speak with a member of the squadron sponsoring committee who are typically located at the front door of Lions Hall during parade nights.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.