Weekly Announcements

For Monday, November 16, 2015

Brampton Beast Game – Sunday, November 15, 2015

All cadets are invited to the game on Sunday but we need to know ahead of time how many are coming. Phone calls should be going out to confirm but please feel free to email the squadron through the Contact Us section of the website. Cadets may also bring two family members for free (again, we just need to know ahead of time). We do not have an infinite number of tickets. Our band is performing during second intermission and the game is sponsored by Kotak Law in appreciation of the military and cadets.

Dress for the game is C2 with ribbons or for cadets without a uniform, the usual black and white attire. Bring some money if you wish to purchase food or drink.

Cadets are to meet at 1315hrs (1:15pm) outside the box office doors. Staff will be there to distribute the tickets and take attendance.

This is a great opportunity and all cadets are encouraged to attend. You may even see a few staff members joining the band for the day!

Band Practice – Saturday, November 14, 2015

There will be a band practice on Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 1000hrs-1400hrs (10am-2pm). Lunch will be provided. If there are any cadets who play an instrument but are not currently in the band, please use the Contact Us section and let us know if you might be able to play with the band for the day. We would need to know no later than Friday afternoon.

Supply Open on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Supply will be open on Saturday from 1000hrs-1500hrs (10am-3pm) for all returning cadets who have uniform issues and any new recruits who have received their uniforms but have issues with them (sizing, etc.). We will continue issuing uniforms to new recruits on Monday evenings as the uniforms arrive (we are still waiting on some).

OPC Lottery Tickets and Assessment Fees – OVERDUE!

Cadets who have not picked up their lottery tickets yet are requested to do so this coming Monday. We ask that you pre-pay for the tickets ($50.00) and as you sell the tickets, you recover the cost. Cadets who already have their tickets need to return them ASAP. If you need an extension for whatever reason, please speak to a member of the SSC (Squadron Sponsoring Committee). They are always located at the desk by the front door of the Lions Hall.

There are also a number of cadets who have not paid the assessment fee yet (non-refundable). This fee is levied by the Ontario Provincial Committee of the the Air Cadet League of Canada and collected by the squadron on their behalf. The fee funds a number of programs offered by the OPC, including the flying program. Should there be any special requirements or arrangements made, please do not hesitate to speak to the SSC to arrange them. They are very discreet and accommodating.

Summer Training Applications

Blank applications were handed out this past Monday. For cadets in level one, there is one option – General Training in Trenton. For all other cadets, the new summer training pamphlet is not available yet, but the courses will be the same. Please take a look at last summer’s pamphlet for course descriptions. Any questions can be directed to your Flight staff.

2015 Air CTC Info Pamphlet



Brampton Beast Game – 15 November 2015

Good day Cadets and Parents / Guardians,

We have been provided with an opportunity afforded to us by the Brampton Beast Hockey Team and their sponsors but there’s a bit of a tight timeframe for it. Our band has been asked to perform at Sunday’s game (Nov 15) and the Brampton Beast organization has now decided to make it a cadet and military appreciation event and have set aside a number of tickets for cadets and military members in appreciation of our service to the community and the country. Tickets for the cadets are free and we would love to see as many cadets there as possible from our squadron to support the band and the event.

They have also opened up tickets at a reduced rate for families of the cadets at $16.00 per family member. The downside is that we need a total number and payment for family tickets by this evening’s parade. We realize that this is incredibly short notice and unfortunately, we weren’t really given much notice. Payment must be in cash. The most important thing is if cadets are able to attend but it is optional. We will have sign ups for them this evening if they aren’t able to get the permission form signed in time (they can bring it on Sunday if no family tickets are being requested).

Should family members wish to come, please fill out the below form and send payment in cash and the form with your cadet to this evening’s parade. We will have a staff member collect it. We cannot extend the deadline past tonight as we have to order the tickets first thing tomorrow. However, we can extend the deadline for permission forms if only your cadet is attending as no money is involved but we must know that they intend to come. We will announce this on parade for them as well.

Thank you for your support.

Permission Form – Brampton Beast Game

Weekly Announcements

For Monday, November 9, 2015

Poppy Campaign:
For those cadets who signed up for poppy selling, you will be meeting inside the Bramalea City Centre by the RBC in the main concourse by the service desk and elevator. You will see the booth set up.

3 Nov 2015 – 1800-2100hrs
7 Nov 2015 – 1000-1400hrs / 1400-1800hrs
10 Nov 2015 – 1800-2100hrs

Remembrance Day Parade – Mandatory Parade – 8 Nov 15
All cadets will be participating in the Remembrance Day Parade for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 609. Cadets will meet in the parking lot at Chingacousy Park by Queen Street and Central Park Drive (next to the fire station and the cenotaph). Cadets will meet at 0930hrs in C1 (full uniform with medals). They are encouraged to bring black gloves (either issued or civilian) and wear the parka if the weather is cool.

The cadets will march with the parade to the cenotaph for the service. From there, they will march down Queen Street to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 609, where they will be dismissed. Parents are to pick their cadet up from the legion between 12 and 1230hrs. Light refreshments are provided by the legion for the cadets after the parade. Parents are more than welcome to watch the parade as it is a public service. We just ask that they do not interfere with their cadet while they are participating in the parade. The parade will go rain or shine.

Brampton Beast Game – 15 Nov 15
The 758 Argus Band will be performing during the second intermission of the game on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 2:00pm at the Powerade Centre. We have reserved 60 tickets for the game for our cadets (cadets will sign up on Monday – no cost to cadets). If more than 60 cadets sign up, we will do a draw to determine who will go if we are not able to secure any more tickets.

Returning cadets have now had ample time to complete any uniform exchanges but please continue to send appointment requests, if needed. Appointments will no longer be posted here as the supply officer is busy issuing uniforms to the new cadets now. He will call returning cadets down in between new recruits when he has time. Please ensure you bring with you any parts you need exchanged and be ready. It may take a couple of weeks before he gets to you.

Drill Team Cancelled this week so that cadets may attend the Poppy Campaign

Band Practice is still on this week so that they can prepare for the Brampton Beast game

Remainder of Optional Training as per the Training Calendar (i.e., Range and Ground School)

Outstanding Assessment Fees & Lottery Tickets

Attention Parents / Cadets:

Assessment Fee:
We still have a number of cadets who have not paid the annual $50.00 assessment fee levied by the Ontario Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada. This was due back in September. Should there be an issue with payment, please speak with a member of our Sponsoring Committee who will exercise discretion and can work something out with you.

Lottery Tickets:
All cadets are required to sell at least one book of lottery tickets. We do ask that that you pre-pay for the lottery tickets. As you sell them, you recover that money. Each book is $50.00. Many cadets have still not picked up their book of lottery tickets. Those who have picked them up, should be returning their sold stubs ASAP as they are now overdue!! This is a team effort and all are asked to participate as the money from these tickets not only directly benefits the squadron, but the cadet program overall.

Should there be any issues, questions, or concerns regarding these items, please speak with a member of the squadron sponsoring committee who are typically located at the front door of Lions Hall during parade nights.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Weekly Announcements

For Monday, October 26, 2015

Thank you to all those who came out to the fall FTX, although it most certainly felt more like winter. The weather was not ideal but we were all able to adapt and overcome and training continued. Our spring FTX is sure to have some warmer weather so we are looking forward to that one!

Gliding Permission Form:
See separate announcement below.

Team Practices:
As per the training calendar posted under Resources.

Uniforms for new recruits are starting to arrive. The supply officer will call the names at opening parade for those he has full uniforms for. Returning cadets who have requested appointments will be called down if time permits on Monday as you have now had several weeks to sort any issues out. The new recruits will take priority.

Upcoming Events:
Be sure to take a look at the training calendar for a few important events coming up in the next few weeks. Remembrance Day is approaching as are some poppy campaign dates. Announcements will be made on the parade square regarding sign ups for poppies as we do not need all cadets but all cadets should be in attendance for the Remembrance Day parade.

Gliding – 1 Nov 15

Gliding Make-up Session:

For those cadets who were unable to go gliding on the 26th of September because of bussing issues, we have a make-up date on 1 Nov as per the attached permission form. Please print and hand in as per the instructions on the form.

Please note that the weather this time of year is very hard to predict. There is the possibility we may get weathered out, but our fingers are crossed!!

Permission Form – Gliding – 1 Nov 15

Weekly Announcements

For Monday, October 12, 2015

Stand Down – No parade on Monday, October 12, 2015 as it is Thanksgiving Monday. We will resume regular training on Monday, October 19, 2015.

Tagging – Thank you to all the cadets and parent volunteers who made this past Tagging weekend a great success. We earned just over $14,000!! We lost a couple of really vital locations due to circumstances beyond our control but this figure is very respectable and the hard work of everyone involved is very much appreciated!

Team Practices this week and next as per the Training Calendar under “Resources”.

Field Training Exercise
Friday, October 16 to Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Albion Hills Conservation Area.

Cadets who submitted permission forms will report to Local Headquarters (LHQ), 55 Avondale Boulevard, Brampton, Ontario at 1800 hrs (6:00pm) on Friday 16 October 2015 with Health Card and personal kit per Personal Kit List. Cadets will return and shall be picked up at the LHQ at 1500 hrs (3:00pm) on Sunday 18 October 2015. In case of a family emergency during the activity, the emergency contact number to reach the squadron is 905-793-7992. Alternate is 905-880-4855.

Please ensure you pack according to the personal kit list and that you pack lots of layers and a warm sleeping bag. The best sleeping pad to sleep on is one with foam and not just air as the air underneath you will make you cold. You want something to cut the cold underneath you. It gets very cold at night and we are sleeping outdoors.

Personal Kit List – Fall FTX

Supply appointments for Monday, October 19, 2015 will be posted in next week’s announcements.

Weekly Announcements

For Monday, October 5, 2015

DRILL TEAM CANCELLED TONIGHT (29 SEP 15) due to weather!

TAGGING! October 2, 3 and 4, 2015

All cadets, including new recruits, are required to participate in tagging. This is the squadron’s primary fundraiser and as such, all are required to contribute. New recruits are required to complete 2 shifts, while the returning cadets are required to complete 3 shifts. If you cannot complete your shifts, please bring a signed note by your parent/guardian on Monday. Cadets will meet at LHQ (basement of the daycare) for all shifts.

The shifts are as follows:

  • Friday, October 2, 2015: 5 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Saturday, October 3, 2015: 9 am to 1pm AND 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Sunday, October 4, 2015: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

NOTE: Optional ½ day (1 shift) is in the afternoon 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm. If you arrive at 10:30 am, you are required to complete a full day (2 shifts). No exceptions will be made.

Cadets need to arrive 30 minutes before their shift starts (except for Friday – just come as early as possible). Cadets who are staying all day on Saturday and Sunday will receive lunch money and will stay at the locations they are tagging at for their lunch. Cadets are reminded that they have 30 minutes for their lunch.

Wear Civvies on Monday, October 5, 2015!

All cadets are invited to donate $2.00 to the squadron and wear civilian attire on Monday! After wearing your uniform all weekend, it’s nice to top up our fundraising goals and wear something a bit more comfortable (casual but tasteful). Should you choose not to participate, that is fine. We request you wear your uniform as per usual.


Uniforms for new recruits are in the process of being ordered. Please be patient as all uniforms nationally are ordered form the same place so it may take some time. As soon as they start arriving, we will get you outfitted as quickly as possible.

For returning cadets, please see below appointment list for Monday. If you miss your appointment, you will be moved to the bottom of the priority list so please ensure you make note of it and arrive at the noted time. If you are not on this list and have uniform issues, please make an appointment with supply ASAP as all cadets must be in uniform. We will not exchange a uniform part until the old one is returned (unless it is lost). Cadets are reminded to bring the old parts to exchange to their appointments.

Supply Appointment List – 5 Oct 15

Field Training Exercise – October 16, 17 and 18, 2015

758 Squadron will be conduction an Aircrew Survival Field Training Exercise activity as part of our mandatory training at Albion Hills Conservation Area, 16500 Hwy 50, Palgrave ON, L0N 1P0, Tel 905-880-4855 on the weekend of 16 to 18 October 2015. All cadets are invited and encouraged to participate. Specific details can be found in the permission form below. Permission forms are due on Monday, October 5, 2015.

Permission Form – Fall FTX – 2015


Drill Team Cancelled Tonight!


Due to the weather, we will need to cancel drill for this evening. Band will still meet at LHQ.

Announcement for Parents!

Attention Parents of the Cadets of 758 Argus Squadron:

Please read the following letters from our Squadron Sponsoring Committee with a couple of really important messages.

Letter to Parents re Assessment Fee and Lottery Tickets
Letter to Parents re Volunteer Drivers for Tagging

Thank you for your time.