Recruit Course

Recruits please enter through the back door of Cardinal Leger (Door H).


There will be no Effective Speaking or Debate team this Sunday, October 28th. Practice for both teams will resume on Sunday, November 11.

Weekly Announcement

For October 27 – November 10, 2018

Recruit Course (October 27 & 28): All Level Ones are required to attend the recruit course on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th. Cadets are to arrive at Cardinal Leger Secondary School, 75 Mary St, Brampton, ON L6W 3K5 no later than 0900hrs (9:00am) and be picked up from the same location no later than 1500hrs (3:00pm). There will be no lunch provided, cadets are to bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks. Cadets are to be in C2 – full dress uniform or black and white attire for those without uniforms.

Poppy Campaign:
Please note that participation in the poppy campaign is not mandatory but does count towards volunteer hours for school and is highly encouraged. The Legion provides a great deal of support to our squadron and this is one way to give back. Cadets are to be in C2 – full dress uniform with ribbons (or black and white) and are to meet inside the Bramalea City Centre by the Royal Bank of Canada. The Legion will have a booth in that location. Cadets will then be dispatched in pairs to various doors at the City Centre.

Saturday, Oct 27: 10am – 6pm (10-2, 2-6)

Sunday, Oct 28: 11am – 6pm (11-3, 3-6)

Tuesday, Oct 30: 6pm – 9pm

Saturday, Nov 3: 10am – 4pm (10-1, 1-4)

Tuesday, Nov 6: 6pm – 9pm

Saturday, Nov 10: 10am – 6pm (10-2, 2-6)

Remembrance Day Parade – Sunday, November 4, 2018: This is a mandatory parade for all cadets. Dress is C1 (with medals) or black and white for cadets who do not yet have a uniform. Cadets are to be dropped off at 1015 hrs (10:15am) at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 609, Queen Street East.

Parents are to pick their cadets up from the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 609 at 1133 Queen Street East at 1200 hrs (12:00pm).

Parents and families are more than welcome to watch the parade, however there is no parking at the legion but parents can park in the plaza near Tim Hortons near by. We ask that you stay to the side as the cadets will be formed up as a squadron.

Reminder: PT gear for Level 2 and up

For Monday, October 22, 2018

Level 2 and up will complete their annual fitness assessments and should dress appropriately for physical training.

Range Team Cancelled

Range Team will be cancelled this evening (Thursday, October 18, 2018) and will be rescheduled for this Saturday, October 20th from 1430hrs to 1830hrs. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Band Practice Cancelled

Band Team will be cancelled this evening (Tuesday, October 9, 2018). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Spring Tagging & Gliding Oct 12-14

TAGGING: OCT 12, 13, AND 14, 2018

We are looking for lots of parents to drive our cadets to locations! If you can volunteer to drive, please speak to a member of the sponsoring committee when you drop your cadet off and ensure you have a valid driver’s license and insurance. If you have questions, please email for more information.

Parents, please take care when dropping off your cadet. On Friday evening, there may be some overlap with the daycare and the parking lot will be busy. Please drive with care.

All cadets are required to participate in 3 shifts of tagging. This is the squadron’s primary fundraiser and as such, all are required to contribute. Cadets will meet at LHQ (basement of the daycare) for all shifts. Cadets enter through the back door, while parents volunteering to drive enter through the front.

The shifts are as follows:

  • Friday, Oct 12, 2018: 5 pm to 9:00 pm (arrive as early as you can – we know many cannot arrive that early)
  • Saturday, Oct 13, 2018: 9 am to 1 pm AND 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Sunday, Oct 14, 2018: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

NOTE: Optional ½ day (1 shift) is in the afternoon on Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm. If you arrive at 10:30 am, you are required to complete a full day (2 shifts). No exceptions will be made.

Cadets who are staying all day on Saturday and Sunday will receive lunch money and will stay at the locations they are tagging at for their lunch. Cadets are reminded that they have 30 minutes for their lunch.

Uniforms must be pressed, boots polished, hair groomed, etc. Cadets who do not yet have a uniform are required to meet the same standard in what they wear. We are in the public eye and as such, are representatives of the cadet program as a whole. Cadets who are fooling around, slouching, chewing gum, etc. are not a positive reflection of the squadron and the program and will be cautioned accordingly.


Gliding Permission Forms are live and can be found here. Forms are to be signed and brought with you the day of the activity, along with your Health Cards. Cadets/ Parents must review which day they signed up for below gliding shifts and ensure they attend during that time. If cadet is unable to attend or would like to attend a shift, you must contact to notify the Squadron ASAP.

GLIDING – Oct 13 (Morning) – Sign up Sheet

GLIDING – Oct 13 (Afternoon) – Sign up Sheet

GLIDING – Oct 14 (Morning) – Sign up Sheet


Weekly Announcement


For September 27, 2018 – Ground School: There will be ground school beginning September 27th from 1830hrs – 2130hrs at LHQ.

For September 28, 2018 – Range Team: There will be range team practice for all returning range team members from 1830hrs – 2130hrs at LHQ on Friday, September 28th.

For September 29, 2018 – Sports Day: All level 5 cadets are expected to arrive at LHQ no later than 0815hrs to complete their fitness testing. Levels 1 through 4 are to arrive at LHQ no later than 0930hrs.

Cadets are to dress in suitable PT gear, including proper running shoes, suitable for the weather. Sunscreen and reusable water bottle are also required. Cadets are to bring their own lunch – food will NOT be provided, nor will cadets be permitted to go off-site to purchase food.

Weekly Announcement

17 – 23 Sep 2018

Range Team: There will be range team practice for last year’s range team members from 1830hrs – 2130hrs at LHQ on Wednesday, September 19th.

Fall FTX: Cadets that submitted a Permission Form on Monday will report to Local Headquarters (LHQ), 55 Avondale Boulevard, Brampton, Ontario at 1800 hrs (6:00pm) on Friday 21 September 2018 with Health Card and personal kit per Personal Kit List (attached to the Permission Form). There will be a personal kit inspection prior to boarding the bus. Please ensure all cadets are following the Kit List when packing. Cadets are required to eat prior to being dropped off on Friday, as food/ rations will not be provided on 21 September 2018. Cadets will return and shall be picked up at the LHQ at 1500 hrs (3:00pm) on Sunday 23 September 2018.

Weekly Announcement

For 10-17 Sep 2018

Annual Validation Forms: All return cadets must complete the Annual Validation Forms and submit to the AdminO by and no later than 17 September 2018. This form requires parent’s signature.
IMPORTANT: you must completed this form in order to participate in the Squadron Cadets Activities.

Detailed Health Questionnaire: For those cadets that required to complete this form, ensure to submit the completed form with your Annual Validation form and submit to the AdminO by and no later than 17 September 2018.
IMPORTANT: you must complete this form with the Annual Validation Form in order to participate in any cadets’ activities and training, whether local and/or regional; this including teams’ competitions.

Summer Training: For Cadets interested in participating in summer training, we’ve updated the Summer Training page with some important information and deadlines regarding the application process. Be sure to review the information so you don’t miss your opportunity to apply.