Summer Training

Summer training is available for cadets who are currently enrolled in the program. There is no option to just go to summer camp without being a registered cadet already. Cadets must apply for summer training each fall for the following summer and participation is not guaranteed as there are far more cadets applying than there are vacancies at the various cadet training centres. Cadets who wish to participate in summer training are encouraged to maintain perfect attendance throughout the training year and get involved with extra-curricular programs at the squadron as this will place them in a higher priority to be selected.

This page will display all relevant documents pertaining to summer training as they become available. During the summer season, Joining Instructions and Travel Itineraries will be displayed and updated as they become available. All summer training inquiries should be directed to the Administration Department or to your flight staff.

2018 Summer Training Pamphlet
2018 National Courses Handbook for Cadets and Parent

Joining Instructions:
You need only to review the JI’s for the training centre you are attending. For staff, please read the staff JI’s and then supplement with the course cadet JI’s for that training centre for amplifying information.

Connaught CTC 2018
Blackdown CTC 2018
Trenton CTC 2018
Canadore CTC 2018
Glider 2018
Power 2018
Staff Cadets 2018
2018 Eastern Region (St-Jean) CTC Information Booklet

Travel Itineraries:
These documents will be posted by individual cadet name as soon as we receive them. We generally receive approximately one week prior to the start of the course and a few days prior to the end of the course to let parents know what time their cadet will return.


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