Weekly Announcement

17 – 23 Sep 2018

Range Team: There will be range team practice for last year’s range team members from 1830hrs – 2130hrs at LHQ on Wednesday, September 19th.

Fall FTX: Cadets that submitted a Permission Form on Monday will report to Local Headquarters (LHQ), 55 Avondale Boulevard, Brampton, Ontario at 1800 hrs (6:00pm) on Friday 21 September 2018 with Health Card and personal kit per Personal Kit List (attached to the Permission Form). There will be a personal kit inspection prior to boarding the bus. Please ensure all cadets are following the Kit List when packing. Cadets are required to eat prior to being dropped off on Friday, as food/ rations will not be provided on 21 September 2018. Cadets will return and shall be picked up at the LHQ at 1500 hrs (3:00pm) on Sunday 23 September 2018.