Weekly Announcements

For Monday, September 21, 2015


This will be taking place this weekend, Fri.Sep 18th – Sun.Sep 20th. See below for breakdown:

  • Friday:
    • Dress: C2 (Full Uniform with ribbons)
    • Time: 1830hrs- 2130hrs (arrive NLT 1820hrs)
    • Bring pen and paper
  • Saturday:
    • Dress: Field Training Uniform (Combats) or PT gear (or civilian equivalent suitable for weather and physical activity – only if NCOs do not have combats)
    • Time: 0815hrs-1600hrs
    • Bring pen and paper
    • Bring water and lunch; going across the street for lunch will not be permitted at all for the duration of this workshop
  •  Sunday:
    • Dress: PT gear
    • Time: 0815hrs-1600hrs
    • Bring water and lunch; going across the street for lunch will not be permitted at all for the duration of this workshop

Ground School

Sign up will continue next Monday for all eligible cadets this Monday.

First meeting for ground school will take place on 24 September 2015: 1830-2000hrs in the main classroom at LHQ (downstairs).

75th Anniversary of Air Cadets Pin

All cadets are instructed to wear the pin provided by the Air Cadet League of Canada from 1 September 2015 to 31 December 2016 in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Air Cadets in Canada. It is only worn on the tunic (not the shirt) on the left pocket flap. Exact positioning is in the below document.

75th Anniversary – Pin Position


Uniforms for new recruits are in the process of being ordered. Please be patient as all uniforms nationally are ordered form the same place so it may take some time. As soon as they start arriving, we will get you outfitted as quickly as possible.

For returning cadets, please see below appointment list for Monday. If you miss your appointment, you will be moved to the bottom of the priority list so please ensure you make note of it and arrive at the noted time. If you are not on this list and have uniform issues, please make an appointment with supply ASAP as all cadets must be in uniform.

Supply Appointment List – 21 Sep 15


Congratulations to all those who received promotions this past Monday! Please remember to swing by supply to exchange your slip ons. For those who were expecting a promotion and did not receive it, it is likely that you are missing a qualification (i.e., valid fitness assessment, time in rank, or something for your level). If you would like to know what that is, please swing by Administration and ask or use the Contact Us page and send us an email and we will let you know.