Supply Officer: Civilian Volunteer Dadhwal

For all new cadets:
Uniforms will be ordered early September and issued immediately upon arrival. Please note that because all uniforms nationally are ordered from the same location, it may take several weeks for uniforms to arrive. An initial name tag will be ordered for free but any replacement name tags will cost the cadet $3.00. In the meantime, cadets are expected to wear a white collared shirt, black slacks, comfortable shoes, black tie (or as close to that as possible). All cadets must adhere to the same hair standard as those in uniform, and males will be expected to shave. Any questions on the expected standard should be directed to the flight staff.

For all cadets:
Appointments are no longer required for supply. If you have an issue with your uniform, please ensure to wash and bring the uniform part you wish to exchange (except for the wedge as it cannot go in the washer/dryer). If you do not have the uniform part with you, you will not receive a replacement until you do. Lost or stolen uniform parts must be reported immediately. If you lose a piece of your uniform, please make a strong effort to do a thorough search before requesting a replacement as uniform parts are very costly.

Hours of operation:

Mondays: 1830 (6:30 PM) – 2115 (9:15 PM)

Reminders and notes: Uniforms are on LOAN to cadets. The cadet is responsible for maintaining the uniform (pressing, cleaning, sewing badges, shining boots, etc.). It is NOT the parent’s responsibility to do this, although some help and guidance is appreciated as cadets learn these skills. When ironing the uniform, use a pressing cloth (old pillow case or sheet) to prevent burning or heat marks. The uniforms tend to get very shiny when heat is applied directly to the fabric. Please do not iron directly over the badges as they have a glue behind them that ruins the uniforms when activated.

When polishing boots, the only products that should be applied are water, Kiwi brand polishing cloth and black Kiwi brand polish. Both are relatively inexpensive and can be located at most local drug stores and grocery stores (tip: check the end caps of the aisles at the grocery store!). Non brand name Kiwi polish and cloths do not yield the same results so we highly recommend using Kiwi brand.

At any time if you have questions about how to maintain your uniform, please speak with your flight staff and consult the dress regulations located here. Scroll down to the Supply section.

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