Letter from the Commanding Officer

Cadets and parents, hopefully this message finds you well. As we near the start of our training year I wanted to update you on what the first couple of months of our 2021/2022 training year will look like. Our squadron staff have been busy planning our training year and we are going to have to be flexible with our training as the pandemic is still upon us.

At this point the Squadron parade nights will remain online for now, similar to last year. We will use the month of September to conduct further planning, administrative and supply related tasks including cadet validations (update of cadet personal information), exchange and issue of dress uniforms and the additional issue of new working uniform, known as the Field Training Uniform (FTU’s) to all cadets. Training of instructors will also be conducted online on the 13th and 20th of September. Monday the 27th of September will see a drive-through administration night for all cadets in Flights 1, 2 and 3 to conduct validation updates and exchange uniform parts as required. Cadets in Flight 4 and the Squadron Band will conduct online flight meetings during this parade night.

October will see our second drive-through administration night on October 4th for cadets in Flight 4, and the Squadron Band. Cadets in Flights 1, 2 and 3 will be conducting online flight meetings on this evening. October 11th is a stand down for Thanksgiving and there will be no parade night. Online cadet training for the entire Squadron will commence on the 18th of October and will continue there on for the remainder of the training year.

There may be allowances for in-person, outdoor activities on weekends (daytime only, no overnight training) starting in October, and possibly parade nights. All of these in-person activities will be conducted with limited numbers, and in accordance with local public health measures. However, we will not know until closer to the end of September if we will be permitted to conduct these activities as that decision rests with our regional leadership. Potential activities are outdoor daytime field training for NCOs (FCpl and up) at on 2 and 3 October, and full daytime Squadron Field Training Exercise on 30 and 31 October. As well, the decision to proceed with our extracurricular activities such as Drill team and Band will be forthcoming depending on availability of facilities and permission to conduct these activities. Ground school will go ahead and will be conducted online at this time.

On an administrative note, staff will be contacting each cadet over the next month to have a check in and see how they are doing. For those cadets that chose not to parade last year, staff will be encouraging those members to give the online training a try and to be prepared to return to in-person activities as soon as we have the go-ahead. As well, the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers are rolling out Cadet 365. Cadet 365 is the Canadian Cadet Organization version of Microsoft 365 which all cadets will be able to use. All cadets must have their own individual email address to be able to sign up for Cadet 365 which we will expect will roll out to cadets on a national level in the late fall this year. Administration will be conducting check to ensure our cadets are good to go

Finally, we are taking on new cadets at this time. Potential cadets and parents are asked to look on the Squadron Website www.758argus.ca to find the joining instructions and paperwork to be completed. All forms can be completed online and sent to the Squadron and we require that all of this paperwork be filled in prior to coming to the Squadron on a Monday evening to have identification verified and to be sized for a uniform. Please pass on this message to any interested parents and potential cadets as we have found it challenging to attract the youth over the last year.

I am looking forward to seeing you all this month.

Maj Thurston
Commanding Officer
758 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

New Recruits Application

Interested in joining the 758 Argus Air Cadet SQN in Fall 2021?

Download the “Recruitment Package” and complete all the pages of the package properly.

Email completed “Recruitment Package” to 758Argus@gmail.com

Summer Camp Staff Cadets

If you did not receive a message with instructions from your Cadet employment supervisor and/or Course Instructor(s), please do the following:

  1. Check your Cadet365 account – this is Microsoft 365 Team account
  2. Check your email account – the email address that you provide us to register in Fortress.

For any questions please reach out to 758argus @ gmail [dot] com

Annual Ceremonial Review 2021

758 Argus RCACS is proudly announced the following award recipients at our 2021 Virtual Annual Ceremonial Review on 12 June 2021:

⭐️ Best Level One Cadet – LAC Almounauar, Peter

⭐️ Best Level Two Cadet – Cpl Patel, Aryan

⭐️ Best Level Three Cadet – FCpl Balao, Mathew

⭐️ Best Level Four Cadet – Sgt Khanchandani, Yash

⭐️ Best Cadet Instructor – FSgt Tangri, Krish

⭐️ Lord Strathcona Medal Recipient – WO2 Hayward, Joshua

⭐️ Cadet of the Year Award – FSgt Mehta, Aavedna

⭐️ Squadron Best Flight – Flight No. 3

⭐️ Major Robert Holliday Award – OCdt Annamalai, Shivar

Congratulations to all award Recipients!

As of 03 May 2021, the following Cadets have been promoted to:

Rank of Sergeant: FCpl Velez-Canola A., and FCpl Ampong S.

Rank of Flight Corporal: Cpl Balao M., Cpl Hiremath A., and Cpl Jandu K.

Rank of Corporal: LAC Mann H., and LAC Aneja H.

As of 12 June 2021, the following Cadets have been promoted to:

Rank of Leading Air Cadet: AC Dhillon R.

Rank of Corporal: LAC Almounauar P., LAC D’Alimonte N., and LAC Sidhu P.

Rank of Flight Corporal: Cpl Duhan T., Cpl Anil A., Cpl Avis A., Cpl Bhagwan D., Cpl Bhatt M., Cpl Gilchrist J., Cpl Gill HS., Cpl Jha A., Cpl Kwok X., Cpl Mahakhud R., Cpl Merrick S., Cpl Neethirajah E., Cpl Patel AR., Cpl Prakash A., Cpl Shankar A., Cpl Sidhu R., and Cpl Virk, K.

Rank of Sergeant: FCpl Evstratov N.,  FCpl Aggarwal A.,  FCpl Eleweke M.,  FCpl Merrick L.,  FCpl Tang J.,  FCpl Vaidya A.,  FCpl Panashtia R.,  FCpl Ahluwalia J.,  FCpl Singh H.,  FCpl Moorthy A., and  FCpl Parthipan A.

Rank of Flight Sergeant: Sgt Furtado R.,  Sgt Kwok R.,  Sgt Amoah W.,  and  Sgt Moore T.

Congratulations to all promoted Cadets, we wish you all the best and great future success in your cadet’s career!

Summer Camp Applications


Interested in attending summer camp for Summer 2021? Applications are now live and due to 758argus@gmail.com by 11:59PM April 28, 2021.

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Cadets: All training for September 28, 2020 has been cancelled and will be resuming next Monday.

Returning Cadets Poll

All cadets are required to complete the poll found at http://bit.ly/758ArgusReturningCadets as soon as possible. Please indicate if you will be returning to the squadron and what your preferred method of training is. Training will be available virtually, in-person and a hybrid of both.

Update for the 2020/2021 Training Year

For all new and returning cadets and parents – please review the below documents for an overview of what the start of this training year will look like.

Letter from CO

For new recruits, please download the registration forms package, complete and return to the squadron via email at 758argus@gmail.com or mail to:

758 Argus Royal Canadian Air Cadets
P.O. Box 339, Stn ‘A’
Brampton, ON L6V 2L3

Wherever possible, please type the information in the form to ensure it is clear and legible. Any questions can be directed to 758argus@gmail.com.