Registration for the 2016-2017 Training Year

All details regarding joining 758 Argus Squadron are posted under Join Us. Please note, you do not need to call ahead or email ahead to confirm your attendance at one of our registration sessions.

Please note: our squadron serves the East end of Brampton (East of Highway 410 – Bramalea). Should you live outside of this geographic area, there is likely a squadron located closer to you that delivers the same curriculum.

132 Spitfire Squadron serves the West end of the city (West of Highway 410).

892 Snowy Owl Squadron serves the area to the North.

If you are interested in Army Cadets, you may want to check with 557 Lorne Scots.

Or you may also be interested in the Sea Cadets.

All elements run common training components such as drill, physical fitness, teamwork, and leadership with a strong focus on the air, army, or sea subjects respectively. Air cadets is highly academic. If there are any barriers to learning or if there is an IEP at school, it is helpful for us to be aware of those things so that we can make the appropriate accommodations or modifications, if at all possible.

Have a great summer!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

I cannot express enough gratitude for the hard work and dedication shown by our cadets throughout this past training year. Through everything, you have shown significant growth and put to use many of the great things you have learned throughout. Our annual ceremonial review this past Saturday was outstanding! Even with the heat, the cadets stood strong and proud and put on an excellent performance. I could not be any prouder.

To the parents that drive your cadets sometimes multiple times per week and help your cadet to manage their time effectively, you have my sincere thanks. We know that we ask a lot sometimes and we truly appreciate the support.

To those attending summer training, go into the experience with an open mind and open heart. You will make some wonderful friendships and learn a great deal. Take what you learn and bring that back to the squadron.

To those moving on to the next phase of life, we wish you all the best in years to come. Remember what you have learned in cadets and put it to good use. Those time management and leadership skills will forever serve you well if you employ them. Don’t be strangers and check in with us from time to time to let us know how things are going.

I hope everyone has an amazing summer! Take a well-deserved break and do something fun. We will see you again in the fall!

Major C. Clark
Commanding Officer
758 Argus RC(Air)CS

Summer Training Briefing

Monday, June 20, 2016

There will be a briefing for all cadets who have been selected for summer training at Lion’s Hall from 1900-2030hrs on Monday, June 20. Dress is casual.

All travel orders, kit lists and joining instructions will be posted shortly under Resources, Summer Training.

51st Annual Ceremonial Review

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The squadron staff, squadron sponsoring committee, and cadets invite all parents, friends, and family to attend our 51st Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR). The ACR is where our cadets demonstrate some of the learning and accomplishments they have achieved and celebrate the end of another successful training year. Various awards and presentations will be made and it is sure to be a great parade.

There will be a parade practice for all cadets, in civilian attire, on Friday, June 17 at regular Monday night parade times. Practice will be held at Century Gardens Recreation Centre as mentioned in the previous post. Cadets are to bring their flight static displays at this time to set up as well.

Cadets are asked to be at Century Gardens on Saturday morning, in civilian attire, by 0830 hrs. They are to bring ALL uniform parts, nicely hung on hangers. We recommend hanging everything and placing in a suit bag (or garbage bag if a suit bag is not available) labelled with the cadet’s full name. All pieces of uniform should be brought (wedge, tie, belt, boots, socks, laces for boots, etc.). Males should be cleanly shaven and females should already have their hair done. Uniforms are to be neatly pressed, badges sewn on CORRECTLY, and boots shone to high gloss. Please review the dress regulations under Resources for more information or speak to your section commander.

Lunch will be provided for the cadets on Saturday prior to the parade. We ask that all cadets eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast prior to arrival as we will be running through parade practice and they will require sufficient energy for that. Cadets should also bring with them a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

We ask that all guests be seated by 1245hrs at the latest as cadets will begin preparing for the arrival of our Reviewing Officer at that time. Military members or dignitaries are asked to RSVP to the CO at to ensure appropriate seating is available.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Parade locations for remainder of training year

Note: please ensure to scroll down for information on the Pearson airport tour and Decoration Day parade information as they are contained in separate announcements posted earlier.

As you all know, the fire that occurred last weekend at Victoria Park Arena has left us without a proper arena to parade in for the remainder of the training year. Please mark these dates and locations down and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. We will not be parading at LHQ for the remainder of the year, except for team practices. All dates and times are mandatory for all cadets.

Monday, June 6, 2016Brampton Memorial Arena
-regular parade timings

Monday, June 13, 2016Brampton Memorial Arena
-regular parade timings

Friday, June 17, 2016Century Gardens Recreation Centre
-regular parade timings
-practice for annual in civilian clothing

Saturday, June 18, 2016 – Century Gardens Recreation Centre
-cadets to arrive at 0800 hrs in civilian clothing with uniform on a hanger for morning practice
-lunch is provided
-More details regarding annual is forthcoming in a separate post

Pearson Airport Tour

Saturday, June 4, 2016 (UPDATED June 2)

Cadets who are attending the Pearson Airport tour have already been informed by CV Nijhawan and names are listed below. If you were selected but did not hand in the permission form, please ensure you have it with you on Saturday.

There is very strict security at the airport, and as such, cadets are required to bring with them one of the following forms of identification:

A passport, Driver’s Licence, Nexus Card, Permanent Resident Card, or Ontario Photo Health Card are the only pieces of identification that will be accepted. If cadets do not have proper photo identification as listed above, unfortunately, they will not be permitted to attend.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Unfortunately, at this time due to the strict security requirements, we are unable to accommodate any changes to the attendee list.


Capt. Post
CV Nijhawan
CV Nagi

Annakah Roache
Steven Oliveira
Brittney D’Aoust
Jessica Colaco
Kartikey Sachdeva
Silvran Correia
Jeffrey Ampong
Olivia Vandervelde
Anish Sahny
Om Gandhi
Arjan Thandi
Nihal Thandi
Edwin Amoah
Cody Power
Yzabelle Bisa
Satveer Bath
Giselle Saldanha
Charles Amoah
Aldwin Umali
Shivam Patel
Preet Patel

Decoration Day Parade – June 5, 2016

Cadets will be participating in the Decoration Day Parade, hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 609, on Sunday, June 5, 2016. Similarly to Remembrance Day, we ask that all cadets attend this event.

For a brief history of what Decoration Day is in Canada, please click here.

Where: Meadowvale Cemetery, 7732 Mavis Rd, Brampton, ON – cadets will meet at the chapel (when you enter at the main gate, follow the road left until you get to the parking lot).

Time: 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Dress: C1 for cadets, 1A for officers

Parents are welcome to stay for the parade and watch from the side.

Fire at Victoria Park Arena

Update on training for Monday, May 30, 2016

As most of you have no doubt heard by now, Victoria Park Arena has suffered a fairly major fire this past weekend. Due to that fact, the practice and preparation for our Annual Ceremonial Review on Saturday, June 18, 2016 will be impacted. Our actual Review will also be impacted. We do not yet have details on where we will parade after this evening but will know very soon and will communicate that with you as soon as the details are finalized.

We WILL have training at LHQ tonight! Cadets are asked to be prepared to be outdoors (water bottles, sunblock, the outer shell of their parka if it’s cold, etc.). We have access to the Lion’s Hall as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We will communicate further details as they become available.

Maj. C. Clark
Commanding Officer
758 Argus RC(Air)CS

Spring FTX

May 27-29, 2016

Cadets will meet at LHQ at 1800 hrs (6:00 pm) with full kit based on the kit list, health card and be prepared for kit inspection. Parents are asked to stay until their cadet has been inspected in case the cadet is missing something. Cadets shall enter through the rear door of the squadron and exit through the front. Health cards will be collected and kept safe by squadron staff for the duration of the exercise. All other details are available on the permission form posted in an earlier post. It is imperative that cadets have proper rain gear that repels water as it will very likely rain. A windbreaker or sweater is not rain gear. 

If you still wish to attend but did not hand in a permission form, we have a few spots that have opened up. Please bring the permission form to meet the bus. 

See you soon!

No cadets Monday, May 23, 2016

Victoria Day Holiday

There is no cadet training on Monday. Regularly scheduled team practices (band, drill) will still happen on their regular days.

FTX reminder will follow in separate post early next week. Be sure to pay careful attention to the kit list, especially when it comes to bringing proper rain gear (must actually repel water – windbreakers are not sufficient rain gear!) and a warm sleeping bag with sleeping pad. Even if the weather is nice during the day, it still gets quite cool overnight so be prepared!

Enjoy the week off!